Unexpected facts about glasses!

Nowadays, the use of glasses is huge, be it for fashion, to see better, or to keep eyes protected. 

These days, there are very few people who don’t own at least a pair of glasses. Most of the people have vision issues, and some are just into fashion. Glasses have become part of fashion and studies both. Isn’t it surprising that glasses have become part of our lives somewhat like the five elements of Earth. 

Jack Rayn Has brought some interesting facts about glasses that will leave you stunned. 

  1. The first ever frame was made with copper, leather, wood, and bone. The spanish inventor used the ribbon to rest the glasses on the nose.
  2. Benjamin Franklin was not only the founding fathers of the USA and lightning rod experiment, but also he was the inventor of bifocal lenses. As he was far and near sighted and tired of replacing his glasses all day long. So, he took the initiative putting his both far and near lenses on one frame. WOW!
  3. Reading under the dim light does not at all damage your eyesight. Right amount of light can help you read easily but dim light cannot damage your vision. So don’t worry while reading in your bed with the lamp light.
  4. Wearing someone else’s glasses cannot damage your eyesight, although it can make your head feel heavy but cannot affect your vision. This is a MYTH!
  5. Initially the word glasses was used because of the glass lenses to correct the sight. Today most of the eyewears are fitted with premium resins which are far more better material than glasses for corrective eyewear. Let’s just call them glasses only because glasses sound better than resins! 

So, above are the facts that might polish your knowledge about glasses and save you from myths. 

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