Types of eyewears for both men and women

Jack Ryan discovered the types of eyewears for men and women. Here we have covered eyeglass design, shapes, and material, according to the face type. 

Gone are the days, when a person with glasses used to be considered as a geek. Nowadays, a wide variety of shapes and material in glasses make the spectacles fashion accessories. Most interestingly, these magnificent designs usually confuse the people. 

So, here we bought a guide for our fashion worms to pick the perfect pair of glasses, as per their face and taste.


Round shaped frames

The retro-style round shaped frames are also called Harry Potter style frames. Although, if Harry Potter pulled off the style doesn’t mean everyone can. Still if you are someone who thinks that you can rock the styles with some right tips, here we are. If you have light complexion and hair, then round glasses are the perfect fit for you. However, if you have dark complexion and thick hair, go for thicker frames with dark hues. 

It would be really difficult to style round shaped frames with a round face, so pick a frame that has little angular edges and a sleek frame. On the other hand, people with square faces can go for bold and vibrant printed frames. This will give some curvy look to the square face. 



Square shaped frames

Square shaped glasses work best with the face that has no precise cheekbones or jawline. This type of glasses can help your face look longer, and thinner. A person with a diamond or circular face, who has a wider forehead than the cheeks is the best suitable for these pairs of glasses. 



Rimless style frames

Anyone who wants a minimalistic look, this is the go to frame! This frame can be used by everyone. This is for those people who want to keep their style same, as rimless are timeless and never go out of fashion. Furthermore, these glasses are very light, one can wear them all day long, without putting any weight on the nose. 

Above are the basic glasses shapes that come in many different styles, prints and colors. so , just consider your face structure to automatically understand the right eyewear. 




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